Starting up your own business? Don't be discouraged, it's not always sunshine and rainbows...

So, you have done it, you finally have taken the leap to fulfill your dream…and how amazing that leap has been. But, there are some times you get discouraged aren’t there? There are times where you feel like you just want to give up on your dream and settle, right? Well… I am here to tell you that giving up and settling is what you should NOT do.


When I first started Chelsea Ann Bell Photography it was a fantasy, something that was intangible, something that I was doing “just because”. Now as I get older, I am wanting my business to thrive more than ever before, and I am beginning to see the results of the effort that I have put into this business from the day that I started, to now. You see, even when I was getting absolutely no bookings, I was still advertising my business, and I was also seeking out models that I could photograph so that I could still be practicing my craft in my down time. Making sure that you are continuously making steps to better your business/yourself is key in the world of running your own business, people want to see the work you have put in, so that they know you are capable of putting the work in for them.


The words “nothing is immediate” resonates with me, partly because it is something my Mother always has told me, and also because these words could not be any more true. If you expect immediate gratification, then you are expecting disappointment. When you are starting your business, you need connections, you need clients, and you need advertisement. Start up first with creating a dream of what you want your businesses purpose to be, what you want your businesses aesthetics to be, and what kind of clientele you would like to bring in. Then, you are ready to build your brand and make connections. Connections are SO IMPORTANT and I could not stress this enough, I would not be where I am today without the connections that I have built within this industry.


Be grateful for every opportunity that you receive. Take hold of it reflect on it, and if you feel it will have a positive impact on your business, then make the most of it. Being grateful greatly impacts weather or not you will have returning costumers, if you are an ungrateful business, you are a greedy business. Taking time to reflect on how far your business has come is so important, think about where you started and where you are now.

so yes, you have done it, you’re living your dream. Congratulations, I can’t wait to see how far you go.

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