Im in love with my job.

There are little things that I can say im in love with, my family, my boyfriend, my cat, mac n cheese and yes, my job. I am completely in love with what I do! It is very rarely that someone can say they are actually in love with what they do, Either they went to college and got a degree that they hate, or they got a degree that they love but they hate where they are stuck. That is not my story… I am a midwest girl my business is based out of Milwaukee but I would love to be able to travel to do some work. My muse is being able to pick up the camera and sincerely capture who someone really is within my photos.

Being able to capture the essence of people in my photos fills my heart with such joy it is incomparable. This past weekend I conducted my very first styled shoot. It was nerve racking but also completely worth it. I was so excited leading up to the day that I could hardly contain myself, and this is how I feel when I am shooting weddings… the excitement, the nerves, the love… this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.